The Body Guard, Bounty Hunter


Interviewee: Brian Allen

“Grateful father, Part-time instructor, and full-time student of life”

Company Bio: International Security Training, LLC. has students worldwide and also provides accreditation services for course developers / agencies. The company provides courses and workshops live and via the internet. Their focus is on soft skills, professional behavior and attitudes along with security, military & law enforcement training. With an extensive background in martial arts as well as military service, Mr. Allen has quite the tenure.

You have to be very diverse in combative skills in order to be an executive body guard; what has been your “go to” discipline, more often over other styles and why?

Brian: Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu has been my go-to style. I guess I fell in love with it because of the simplicity of the drills / techniques and the relaxed training atmosphere my instructors created. This style has less of the scientific focus than my previous style had… but was more applicable in my working environment.

Being a Bounty Hunter not only takes a variety of skill sets, I am certain it involves an inner courage or sense of channeling of sorts in the heat of the moment; how do you maintain a professional composure during an apprehension and how has martial arts helped with that?

Brian: For me, the element of fear is always present. I may look calm on the outside – but man… I’ve been in some serious situations and my heart races. The martial arts helps me with understanding that realistic physical preparation combined with breathing techniques preceding & during apprehensions – gives me a bit of an edge.

Your resume is quite impressive; how do you deal or respond to the “haters” in your field and is it worth debating with them?

Brian: In most cases, I respond to direct questions even if the person is being a jerk or trying to be condescending. I figure if they’re thinking it… someone else is also… so I may as well address the concern. Obviously, sometimes a real loudmouth just needs to be ignored. If someone is really being an ass… I just assume that something in their personal or professional life has made them angry / insecure – so I let it be.

Of all the altercations you have been in, be it in profession or in “street”, what stands out and why?

Brian: Two incidents really stand out. First, I was working in CO. Springs as a hospital security officer at night, while working as a Military Policeman @ Ft. Carson during the day. One night I was walking through the ER and heard a punch immediately followed by a scream, crying & chaos. I turn the corner and see a woman on the ground with blood all over her face and a guy running out the door. People were yelling that he punched her, so I gave chase. I caught up to him as he was trying to enter a side door that was locked. As he turned to run somewhere else, we clashed. I took him down and held him in place until another officer arrived and handcuffed him. The CCTV footage looked like I did a belly-to-belly suplex on the guy. His shoulder & back were injured in the process. The result? I was fired. The director of security said that since I didn’t actually SEE the assault, I had no right putting my hands on the guy. That was my first exposure to civilian liability working in a security capacity.

Second, while working nightclub security a couple years back, I had to remove a very large “biker type” of guy from the premises. Throughout the night I had a couple contacts with him due to his obnoxious behavior towards staff. The last thing he tried to do was take a bottle from behind thghe bar and I moved in. Now, he was big, strong, unafraid, and drunk. I thought for sure he was going to swing on me. Luckily, no punches were thrown. I used dialog and non-verbal communication tactics that took time… but eventually gained his voluntary compliance. Verbal skills and understanding can prevent a lot of problems even when dealing with scarier types of people.

If you were able to be hired full time as a body guard for a “celebrity”, who would you choose given the choice?

Brian: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. These two people do more good with their time & money than any other folks I’ve seen. The way they raise their family and treat others is awesome. I’d be proud to work for them.

What is your best “marketing strategy”? How do you get recognized?

Brian: Local post card marketing to the wealthier homes in my area that refer to free 2hr seminars & workshops I hold. By teaching crime avoidance / self-defense to this demographic, people have the opportunity to get to know me. Eventually the folks will know, like and trust me… visit my website and if I’m lucky – refer me to others.

I have seen some of your video tutorials, are they in place for correcting what you feel is the more effective and safer routes of combat and self-defense?

Brian: They’re in place to share the things that have worked for me and my partners in real life combat. I wouldn’t say I’m “correcting” anything though. What works for me may not work for someone else. I ask skeptical people to at least try the drills. I tell them that I’m not extremely big or strong… I’m not a UFC champion… and I’ve been scared during fights / overseas. For those reasons, I teach the drills that have saved my life as well as other guys.

Last question; what last bit of insight do you have for all your clients, fans, supporters, and the alike, in regards to achieving the successes you have achieved?

Brian: Life isn’t fair. Be nice anyhow. Do the best with what you have TODAY. Be honest with yourself about faults, weaknesses, etc.   I’ve made great money – I’ve lost it all too. For every plaque on my wall… I have two failures people don’t know about. I have achieved a nice level of success in my industry… yet have permanent injuries / daily pain. Finally, spend a little time daily improving your weaknesses but most of your time developing / enhancing your strengths.








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